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Grater Cake

A confection made of grated coconut and sugar, it is a popular traditional Jamaican snack.

The sugar and coconut are boiled then allowed to harden after which it is cut into squares or triangles.

In the past, it was made with 'wet sugar' instead of the white sugar that is now used.

Contemporary Grater Cake Recipe

2 cups grated coconut, 3 cups granulated sugar,   cup water

Combine all ingredients in a thick saucepan, boil until coconut is cooked and the liquid dries up and the mixture holds together. Remove from heat and beat with wooden spoon two to three minutes. Drop onto a greased tray or mixture be poured into a square dish 8x8x2 and pressed with the back of a spoon. If poured into square dish, allow to cool before cutting into squares.                              


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