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Note: In searching by Author, use natural order. E.g. Velma Pollard NOT Pollard Velma

If you are searching for a Jamaican poem but you only know the author, or only know the title or only know the first line then this Index to Jamaican Poetry will tell you in which book(s) you will find the poem you seek. This is an author, title, first line index to Jamaican poetry in anthologies, journals and in single author poetry publications in the National Library of Jamaica (NLJ). By Jamaican Poetry we mean authored by someone who was born in Jamaica, naturalized as a Jamaican or who can claim at least one parent as Jamaican.

The NLJ has expended the resources in compiling and disseminating this resource because it fills a need and because we have every expectation that it will help to promote greater awareness of Jamaican poetry. The index is an ongoing compilation and your feedback to omissions will be greatly appreciated as this will help us to further build this most comprehensive collection of published Jamaican poetry.


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